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Something a little different... - We came alive, for the first time... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Something a little different... [Aug. 6th, 2006|09:26 pm]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]
[Current Music |Grace ~ Phil Wickham]

So, on the way home from Vancouver last weekend with my family, we were a little tired... and hyper... (typerd). The following is a combined effort from my mother, father, brother, and I... an account of things that were said in the car, on the way home. I typed it out exactly how my mom wrote it, without changing any grammar, punctuation, or anything. ENJOY! ;)

I can write with my left hand.

I can write with my right hand.

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Martin Way Olympia Seattle Tacoma Washington Lynwood Northwest I can print with my right hand too. Are I am vertically impaired, but I am not a dwarf. We are going to be stuck in this traffic forever. Even little people are sometimes misproportioned.

I am the unwanted scribe part 2. This traffic was like this earlier. I am not the center of everything. I am not in control. I am not in charge of anything. Thats fine, thats good. My name is I am not. How far are we? Shes playing catch up not catsup! Keep writing, its getting dark. I have finish my chapter.

You know, I wake up in the morning and my right eye cant focus. Mom look at this fry. I was curly but it was not a curly fry. Can I eat it, please can I. Im getting tired. Wheres your iPod Ill sing for you. Doe a deer a female deer. Stop youre tating my ears. Yeah well you mom. She doesnt wear army boots. Your mother wears army boots. Yeah well your moms face! Can you say your grandmother. Amazing grace.

Look, look at those big planes. Do we have the Phantom of the Opera. Its like a flying turd with wings. Its the rhino. Oooh Pelicans, no theyre geese, oh I thought they were geese. My names is James thats what mother called me. Sometimes I forget then I go inside my head and look for James. Marwidge! BonJour, Look there she goes that girl is strange. Heres where she meets prince charming. When did you last let your heart desire. What song is that? The clouds are getting darker. It tastes like Chinese food my burp. Were in Tacoma now. La la la la. Can you feel the love tonight it where we are heming ya Hemingway Nevada. Theres more to do that can ever be done in the circle of life it rules us all the circle of life. Look in our eyes la la la what are you talking about. Bullet to binary. What is that snell (smell). Did someone fart? No were in Tacoma, your mouth is like a magazine. I need something else. How does it start. Oh I know. Many nights we prayed. No wait I need to change the key thats not better There can be miracles when you believe. I think were a little flat. You will when you believe.

Keep going. Its getting dark Decipher it kinda sounds like disciple. Desh (Dash) point skate park not state. Oh Ive been to the Commons. Pikachu to I choose you. Dont say random, its not cool its forcing it. Pokemon, you gotta catch em all. I know more of it but I cant remember it. B T the break in the clouds looks cool. Hebrew is a cool language. The sky is like blueberries. Im not sure I want to be a man anymore. Maybe the one who screams the most screams about himself. I cant be eyes and write at the same time. Youre not mocking me are you. Ages 3 & up its on my box. Yeah were almost home. Tacos are for shells. Yeah something like that. Paulsbo R.V. Mr. Lightyear needs more tape. Thats because the songs been deleted. The link is gone. Ill sing in Swedish just listen. Your voice is a danger we almost had an accident. Skidoo do do. Kisses from the sky tonight I caught one. My muscles ache. So why dont we just walk around the shoreline Did somebody say silence cause I believe in silence. They wont see the fire inside of me. Kelsey went to the Bullpen. I went to that jail with you. I never went there.

Is that a turd plane. No turd planes dont land here, only in Tacoma. On the one hand look at my daughters eyes - dont destroy my dreams. I dream about turd planes all the time.